Monday, April 28, 2014

Cafe Mezcla Restaurant Coming to Hickory Ridge With Sweet And Savory Waffles And Crepes

Oh, the sign says Cafe Mezcla, not "Cafe Mezilla"
Does anyone know the story behind this sign for Cafe Mezcla in the Hickory Ridge village center in Columbia?

Alicyn sent it to me.  It seems to say Cafe Mezcla and have the line "Free scoop of gelato with any sweet waffle or crepes." This is the storefront next to Meadows Custard.

That seems to be the same door that had a sign in January advertising Yog Coffee & Crepes.  Alicyn said late last week that she could hear drilling inside.  I did some terrible Google searches when I thought the sign said "Cafe Mezilla."  But then I looked closer and found a Cafe Mezcla Web site with a menu full of waffle and crepe options.

That's savory like fried chicken and waffles or chicken crepes.  That's also sweet ones with ice cream, berries and more.  It looks like all-day eating.  Does anyone know more?


Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

I stopped by there earlier this evening - they're hoping to open tomorrow at 11am!! The owner also gave me a copy of the menu - looks great! Sweet crepes like Nutella-strawberry-almond, savory waffles/crepes like hot pastrami or roasted mushrooms. Can't wait to try it!

Laura said...

We stopped by on Sunday. Extremely friendly staff and the roasted mushroom & goat cheese crepe (w/sundried tomatoes) was absolutely scrumptious. My son devoured his bananas foster crepe in a flash, daughter enjoyed the french toast waffle and my husband said his pastrami waffle was quite delicious as well (although they messed up the order - it was supposed to be on a crepe).
They have a few kinks to work out (I am hoping they plan on having more than one waffle maker and more than one crepe pan going at a time - our orders were brought out one at a time, hot and yummy, but we didn't get to eat together). Didn't realize the actual opening is tomorrow (May 27th) so for now, I won't go into the few other kinks that need to be worked out-they obviously still need some time. Will happily stop by again and enjoy something else (apple and brie crepe, caprese crepe, chicken and waffles...yum!) before giving a full review! :-)

TT said...

We stopped by Saturday for dessert and Sunday for brunch. Everything was delicious. Definitely recommend the Asiano waffle and mixed berries waffle. Caprese crepe was good, but Asiano waffle was excellent

As the above post mentioned.. some minor kinks to work out but its expected since they literally just opened a day before.