Monday, April 21, 2014

The $2 Gourmet: Bucatini From DeCecco At Wegmans Or "What I Learned At Italian Shabbat"

DeCecco Bucatini
I love a bargain, but a cheap indulgence can be just as rewarding.

Our friends try to promote a Friday night tradition that they call "Italian Shabbat."  That's a Friday night with friends and Italian food.  They put on terrific food, and I stole the easy part:  a thick, long pasta called bucatini.

That's thicker than spaghetti, but just as easy to make.  It's actually a long hollow tube.  Terrific with the meat sauce that our friends (let's call them "The Cordis Couple") served.  Terrific with all kind of pasta sauces that I have tried since I started buying bucatini in Wegmans in Columbia.

DeCecco's bucatini is a few dollars a box.  That's more than almost every other brand of pasta.  But the noodles themselves are delicious, and there is something fun in splurging on a luxurious shape.


Demetrios Giannikopoulos said...

Hi there, My wife and I are in the process of closing on our house in Ellicott City and I was doing some research on local butcher shops when I stumbled across your blog. We're really looking forward to the move (we live in Baltimore City right now) and finding a food centered blog in the area is a real treat. Anyways, onto the subject at hand: DeCecco and Bucatinni. I had a friend who worked at the corporate HQ in NYC and could get me an awesome deal on their products. I'd usually order 25 pounds of Linguini and a couple gallons of Olive Oil at a time. I'd split the Olive Oil between the extended family but the Linguini was just for us. I haven't been able to find their Bucatini in the area so I usually grab Misko Macaroni (a similiar, slightly larger hollow noodle) when I swing by a Greek market in NJ (I also take the chance to buy my favorite Greek Cheeses). Sadly the noodle doesn't have quite the same taste as DeCecco but it definitely delivers the hollowness. The bucatini/macaroni hollow noodles are wonderful for any type of sauce but especially Kokkinisto with lamb.
FYI Safeway often runs a deal where the DeCecco pasta is in the 1.50 - 2.00 range. They don't usually have the bucatini but there other pastas are great as well.

Anonymous said...

As a Italian I use bucatini a ton, especially with carbonara, I find it to be perfect.

But in all honesty, I prefer Wegmans Italian brand to the DeCecco, and its cheaper!

HowChow said...

@Anon -- There is a Wegmans brand? That's hilarious. I never thought to look.

@Demetrious -- Thanks for the advice. I'll keep an eye out for Misko Macaroni.

Anonymous said...

We have, on occasion, found bucatini at Trader Joes.

Anonymous said...

Not the Wegmans brand in the red box but the "fancier" ones in the green and tan boxes.