Saturday, January 11, 2014

You Should Get Fried Chicken At Chick N' Friends

Fried chicken from Chick 'n Friends
Howard County plans to take over the Long Reach village center -- part of a long-term change in the retail life of Columbia, according to Luke Lavoie's story in the Sun.

It's an interesting story that says a church is filling the space that was once a Safeway and then a Korean grocery store and that the county may move its arts group to the shopping center.

But I was aghast at the bottom to read that business has dropped off at Chick N' Friends in that shopping center.  Chick N' Friends makes terrific fried chicken, and Long Reach is really easy to reach just off Rte 175 and Dobbin Road.  The takeout also roasts chicken and cooks fish, so there is something for everyone.  It's a serious little place that is absolutely worth checking out.  Fried chicken is just delicious.  You do yourself a favor and help keep open a local option.

Also in Long Reach is Kuramo, a restaurant that serves Nigerian and other dishes.  I posted about the egusi, curry and fried plantain.  I'd recommend a visit there as well.  It's an easy, casual way to explore foods that are pretty unique around here.


naomi said...

Chick N' Friends is my gold standard for fried chicken.

Jim S. said...

Personally not a big fan of fried chicken, but my mother-in-law would make almost weekly trips to Chick N' Friends with my wife. About a year ago she stopped because she said that she noticed a change in both the size of the chicken and the taste. Not sure if there was a change of suppliers or something, but that was why three frequent customers stopped going.

Brad Smith said...

Chick N' Friends and the Columbia Arts Center are the only two reasons I go to Long Reach VC. I really dislike driving somewhere just for a single errand or to pick up takeout, and CNF is one of only two places for which I've done that in recent years.

If CNF and Second Chance Saloon close, I'd welcome them with open arms in Harper's Choice. I love Maiwand, and Zapatas is pretty good, but overall our food and drink options are really limited on this side of town.

K8teebug said...

I go to Chick N Friends at least once a month for fried chicken. I would go every week if my waist line could handle it. It's dangerous having it right next to the art center!

when you come for chicken, please visit the art center! Check out the exhibit and maybe even sign up for a class! It's such a great asset to Columbia!

K8teebug said...

And I have been going for over 10 years and have not noticed a change. It's one of the best fried chicken establishments I've ever visited and I've been all over the country for it.

spedrson said...

Based on your recommendation we got take out from Chick N' Friends last night. AMAZING!!! We live so close by and didn't know about this gem. The breast meat was so incredibly moist and tasty. I have never had breast meat so moist. My young kids who normally just eat a leg went back for seconds and each had a wing. Hopefully they won't go out of business because I could see us going there regularly (especially because they're so close).