Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Restaurant In Maple Lawn Is "The Grille"

From "The Grille's" Facebook page
The new restaurant going into the Maple Lawn development in Fulton is "The Grille" -- and they appear to be aiming to open early next month.

This replaces Venegas Prime Filet right at Maple Lawn Boulevard and Rte 216.  It's calling itself American and Mediterranean.  Not sure what that will mean.

They have a Web site and a Facebook page.  They had a private event there this week with desserts -- at least according to photos posted on Facebook.  But the Web site doesn't seem to have a menu yet, and they link to OpenTable but don't yet appear on that site's drop-down lists.

On a "Maple Lawn 2.0" Facebook page, Javier Lecha said they would post the menu in the upcoming week and aim for a grand opening in early October.

Let me know if you hear when they're opening.  From the photos on Facebook, the dining room looks ready. 


Aparna said...

This is potentially good news! Opening up a medi/american place BEATS a steakhouse any day!

Anonymous said...

Met the new owners, not impress with them, there is a Cuban food Restaurant in Burtonsville , do we need another one with fancy decor.

Leo said...

American/Mediterranean sounds like pasta,Spanish tapas,paella,lamb chops,sea food, and so on, not my type of food or for a community like the one in Maple Lawn. WE NEED a" Cracker Barrel Restaurant " in that corner. Maybe on the next time around, since fancy restaurants on that corner don't last long.

Been There said...

"Fancy restaurants on that corner did not last long" because they were not choosy when hiring, and did not invest time or money in staff training. No matter how good the food is, you cannot charge Maple Lawn prices for Laurel service and expect to draw repeat business. (Before you brand me a snob, I worked in Laurel restaurants for years. I have nothing against Laurel service... at Laurel prices.) I hope
The Grille succeeds-- empty storefronts are no one's friend. But if they plan to charge upscale prices, I hope they have a plan to provide an upscale experience.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if this place can beat "the curse of the corner." Two steak houses have tried and failed in that lot, and i doubt this will be anymore successful... Good luck though.

Anonymous said...

I have met the owners and the chefs. They all seem like very experienced people. And I would much rather have a fancy overpriced restaurant here in Maple Lawn. I think this is the kind of thing that Fulton/Scaggville people are look for. If you want a cheap dirty place then drive to Laurel!!!
As for "THE CURSE OF THE CORNER" I think you need to keep quiet until you know what really happened and why Venegas went down! I doubt you'd be talking if you knew the real story.
I really wish the best of luck to the Grille.

Anonymous said...

The new owners have idea on how to run a fine RESTAURANT . Was there last night for the soft opening, what a mess. They own a mid price CUBAN food eatery and a bar. They have no notion on fine dining . The food is nothing but a semi copy of the Cheese Cake Factory/Houston Restaurants.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have now eaten at The Grille 7 or 8 times. I guess we keep hoping that they will work out the kinks and get better. We also like the owners and want them to success. Unfortunately, they need help in basic restaurant techniques - hostess on duty at all times, up to date menu (even if it's printed from a computer daily), review prices and bring them in line with your market and adjust your portion sizes (some are too large while others are too small). Lastly, while they may be making money with their happy hour, if they want diners to return they will need to do something about the noise level from the bar. We sat in the farthest table from the bar and we still could not carry on a conversation with our table mates due to the bar noise. One evening they had live music and then it was impossible to carry on a conversation with just my husband.