Monday, August 19, 2013

Here Comes The New Foreman-Wolf Restaurant; Construction Begins, Red Pearl Disappears

Demolition at the new Foreman-Wolf restaurant
Here comes the new Foreman-Wolf restaurant on the lakefront in Columbia.

Construction has started on the new restaurant from the owners from Charleston, Pazo and other Baltimore spots.  Or at least demolition has started.  Crews were tearing out metalwork and fixtures earlier today.
Red Pearl's old woks

The Red Pearl's woks were sitting on the floor near the door after that place closed last year.  We still miss that lakefront dim sum.  But we're very excited for Cindy Wolf's new kitchen.  So far, no one has talked publicly about what kind of menu the new restaurant will offer.  Mrs. HowChow is rooting for a seasonal place tied to local farms.

The June announcement said the new restaurant would open in 2013.  It's part of the Howard Hughes Co.'s effort to develop their land and properties in central Columbia.  It's next to Sushi Sono and just down the lake from the Whole Foods under construction.

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