Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rebirth Of Peruvian Chicken, Donations At Looney's, Pop Up At Bistro Blanc, And More

Peruvian chicken may be coming back to the Hickory Ridge village center, according to Amanda who posted on the HowChow Facebook page that she spoke with a man working there Sunday.  He said they're looking to re-open under a new name in the Chick 'n Pollo space.

Check out the page for other comments -- including an offer from Looney's in Fulton to match any Hurricane Sandy donations and a post from Colleen linking to an article about R&R Taqueira.

In a similar vein, Bistro Blanc will run a special menu on Wednesday and try to raise money for hurricane victims.  They're calling it a "pop up" restaurant.  They brought back three chefs who used to work in the Glenelg kitchen, and you can read about the event on the restaurant's blog.


nicole said...

Yay for Peruvian chicken. I hope it's just as good as it was before. I have missed this place.

Anonymous said...

It's open, the restaurant in the familiar location at hickory ridge is:

Grille Chick'n Pollo
Call us at 240 755 0079

as delicious as before!

omars said...

The place was open this past weekend.

We stopped in just a few minutes before they closed, so I won't comment on the food until I give it another try, but friendly service, and the green (spicy) sauce was very good!