Monday, October 1, 2012

Lamb Burgers, Cheesesteaks, Food Trucks, And Awesome Spots To Eat While You Watch The NFL

Any timeline on The Ale House?
Thanks heavens that the comment crowd never gets busy or sick!  You get real news in the HowChow comments -- like the new weekend bake stand at Frank's Produce in Elkridge.  That's the report from Baltassoc:
The very nice Croatian lady running the stand said it's she's there on Saturdays. Her tomato-onion torts are amazing, and her assortment of breads and desserts are great. She's definitely worth a stop. Bring cash as she doesn't take cards. BTW, it looks like the last of the local tomatoes will soon be gone at Franks but they've got plenty of nice apples.
While we're talking news, can anyone share the timeline for the Alehouse going in on Dobbin Road?  They ripped the building back to the walls, and it looks like it will an entirely new place when it opens.  MaybeKathy asked for an update in July.  The sign says "Fall 2012."

On top of news, you get opinion.  Check out the dozen-plus suggestions for cheesesteaks in Howard County.  It vered into sausage sandwiches, but you can chime in about what makes a cheesesteak, what doesn't, and where to get your local fill.  Check out the questions as well.  Jennifer asks where to get falafel.  Morty recommends Rudy's in Columbia.  Anonymous asks where to buy injera.

That's all good because other work and infectious children have kept me from blogging much recently.  I'm still eating.  I'm hoping to try some of the "awesome hot dogs" that people recommended.  (First stop: Marcia's suggestion of Kielbasa from J.W. Trueth's.)  I'm just exhausted, and I need to tap out some posts in advance of the annual Best of Howard County.

But don't just take my opinion.  See what other readers suggest:
Hot bread at Maiwand Kabob

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