Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where Can You Get Food As Good As The Game?

NFL jerseys outside Looney's
Football season is back into swing, and people pack bars and restaurants to watch all weekend and into Monday night.

But where can you get food as good as the game?

Options vary.  The first thought must be bars that feature craft beers and good food.  But then, there is a tension between great food and great viewing.  I'm partial to the burgers and other dishes at Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia, but there are way more screens -- and still some good eating -- at places like Looney's in Fulton, T-Bonz in Ellicott City or the River Hill Sports Grille in Clarksville.

Anyone recommend specific dishes at those places?  Or recommend them for the scene?  Driving past Looney's on Sunday, the crowd was still sparse outside, but there were people wearing at least five different NFL jerseys.

Kloby's wings
Personally, I'd paint the middle ground at the Diamondback Tavern in Ellicott City and Kloby's Smokehouse on Johns Hopkins Road.  They're big on sports, and they push bar food by making good stuff in-house.  Nikki talks up the Diamondback's corned beef, and I'll vouch for the Kloby's wings and pulled pork.

If I read the tweets correctly, the Baltimore Beer Guy watched some of Sunday at Frisco Tap House in Columbia.  That's another spot with serious beers and a kitchen that wants to do something unusual.  The BBG loves Frisco's burritos -- along with the corn-dusted chicken sandwich and the barbecue chicken tacos.

But other folks are getting into the action.  Ranazul is a tapas restaurant across Maple Lawn Boulevard from Looney's, and they advertised half-priced burgers yesterday after 2:30 pm.  The bar has a large screen.  They invited folks to walk and eat upscale.

There is an even-larger screen at Bon Chon in Ellicott City.  The new Korean fried chicken spot projects onto an entire wall, and they were at least talking about creating a scene for Ravens games. Again, I say start with the wings.  But the other chicken is delicious too, and you can supplement with Korean food and enough beer to keep the cheering loud.

Where do you watch?  What the scene?  What food do you recommend?  Anywhere that people wouldn't expect like Ranazul?


Anonymous said...

An often overlooked source for good pulled pork is Pig Pickers, across from what used to be Crab Shanty. You can buy by the pound to go or sandwiches to go or eat at their (sparse) tables.

Anonymous said...

Bonchon is either great or awful. We've gotten food from there 4 or 5 times for various get togethers. A couple of times the chicken was so dry it made us look like fools for hyping it, but other times it was super crisp, juicy and full of spice.

My family likes it enough that we keep giving it chances, but its always 50/50 as to what will happen.

A Casas Life said...

Kloby's is the best in the area for both food and football in my opinion. They added MD Crab soup to their menu for the fall. I'm anxious to get out there to try it.

Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

We like going to Pub Dog. Their beers are good and they've got a special running on Sundays where you bring in your Pub Dog cup (they give it to you your first Sunday) and they fill it for $3!

I've started getting toppings put on a salad to avoid eating a pizza every week!

Anonymous said...

Sonoma's is great for football, food and beer.

DawnP said...

Second Chance Saloon. I've liked all of the food I've tried there, but I'm particularly partial to the fish tacos, which are only offered as an occasional special. And they always have great specials during football games.

Brent The Brewer said...

I got a couple places. If you want to watch the game with an excellent craft beer selection, T-Bonz is the place to go. It's much more homey than Frisco and not as loud (sounds and voices in Frisco just echo everywhere). I always end up going with the pulled pork sandwich there which is great!

Another option that is typically overlooked is the Stained Glass Pub. I love their homemade style square pizzas and Old Bay wings there. Their beer selection is mainly large scale breweries, but once and a while they'll have something craft available. The TV selection in there is great!!!

Kloby's is always a solid option too! They have a TV selection too.

K8teebug said...

Judge's Bench also has a screen and a few tvs. And their wings cannot be beat!

Anonymous said...

No Better Place to watch and eat then Looney's. Great specials, a new gameday menu..and they show every game on 80 tvs..case closed

Lisa said...

I'd hafta go with Second Chance Saloon. They have the best game specials, the staff is so genuine and fun to be around. Plus all their food is homemade and fresh not straight out of a freezer. It's just my all time fave pick for Football Sundays!

Amelia said...

The bar at Kelsey's is comfortable and has the big tv's. We stopped going there for a while when they took the Fry Tower off the menu, but it is back now and we can get our fries & gravy fix. Also, we've tried most of the "famous" burgers in Howard county and Kelsey's has stacked up well since our return: hand formed patty, cooked medium as requested, nice selection of topping yet reasonably priced.

Jess said...

I'm with Amelia - Kelsey's is great!

Rob said...

I agree with Lisa, Second Chance Saloon is the best place to watch the games and their Old Bay wings are great.