Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Rambutan Season At The H Mart

Rambutan at the H Mart

Rambutan has burst on the scene at the H Mart in Catonsville, and you could hit up the spiny Asian fruit for some adventure and good eating.

Rambutan are sort of like hairy, brightly-painted grapes.  A moist firm fruit inside a stiff red shell covered with bristles.  They're not sharp.  They're actually fun to cut open and pop out the fruit.

This is fun for a foodie dinner.  It's fun to pop a few for kids game to try something new.  They're fragile and expensive to ship, which means that they're available most of the time but really plentiful and fresh in high season.  A few years ago, I paid $7 a pound.  They were about $4 a pound this weekend.

Pick fruit that are relatively heavy and don't have any soft spots.  Just a few make a fun dessert if you pair them with some cookies or candy.

If you go the H Mart, check out all the H Mart posts, especially about the ToreOre fried chicken that you can buy there.  If you go to Catonsville, check out the shopping center -- Mangoberry for yogurt, the Golden Krust for takeout Jamaican, and the houseware store in the basement area down from H Mart -- especially for bento boxes.

H Mart800 N. Rolling RoadCatonsville, MD 21228443-612-9020

NEAR: Rte 40 just west of I-695. If you are driving east on Rte 40 from HoCo, you'll see a Starbucks and a FedEx at the end of the shopping center. Turn right immediately after the Starbucks. If you miss it, just turn right at the next intersection.


Victoria said...

Need to get over to HMart...I've heard it's best to go mid-week & mid-day when it's not crushed with shoppers.

Gabrielle said...

Victoria - that's great advice. Whenever I've gone on the weekends, the place is mobbed and it's very hard to navigate the store with all of the people and shopping carts. On the other hand, they usually set up stations on Saturdays inside the store where you get to try different products. They tend not to have those on weekdays.

Anonymous said...

Rambutan is available at H Mart in Wheaton Now.