Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Smashburger Coming To Ellicott City; Rte 40 Getting Some Delicious New Development

It looks like the fancy fast food burger joints are moving into Ellicott City.  Smashburger has posted a "coming soon" page about a new burger joint they'll put in the Arcadia Square development coming to Rte 40.

Smashburger is one of these new chains offering made-to-order burgers and competing with folks like BGR The Burger Joint. They specialize in thin burgers that they smash -- as you'd expect.  I haven't eaten there, but Serious Eats gave them a rave several years ago.  At a minimum, this is more fun along Rte 40.

David Brown Enterprises announced the Smashburger on a Web page about the ground breaking that looks like it went up in April.  That page says they hope to complete the construction by the third quarter of 2015.  But I hadn't heard about the new place.

Hat tip to Shelley!  Thanks.


Marcia said...

Wow! You're back. I've kept you on my blog list on my blog hoping that I wouldn't have to relegate you to the trash pile. I imagine life got in the way of blogging.

We enjoyed the movie at the Wine Bin Saturday night. Did some wine tasting and purchased two bottles to take home. We'll go back for sure.

Never heard of Smashburger and that Arcadia Center is going up very slowly.

Hope you're able to post more frequently.

Anonymous said...

So very happy to see you back!!!

Adam said...

On Smashburger...

I treat visits to burger qsr's like some people treat aseball stadiums in America -- it's a hobby to seek them out and visit every chain at least once. I tried Smashburger when they opened in Frederick last fall. In terms of the menu, there's great diversity (salads, chicken, lots of sides, even a veggie burger) and it's affordable, perhaps a little more so than places like BBP and BGR. The idea is a 1/3rd pound burger, loosely ground burger which gets seared and develops a great crust.

I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger, which I tend to think is the optimal litmus test for a burger chain. Unfortunatly it was just so-so; I really wanted to like the meat, but the sear was lacking and frankly the bun was just so smothered in butter that it was not the ideal beefy experience I would have hoped for. The sides were great though; the fried pickles are amazing, and their shoestring type fries are very well done. Also sampled a salted caramel shake and it was on point. I'm excited to try it again, so hopefully they open by Christmas when I come back to the 410 for a bit.

I wish we'd get a Steak n Shake, though. Tried to one in Millersville and not only is it almost imposible to believe the prices are so low, but the burger was one of the best I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

Missed you HowChow!

rsl said...

It would be nice if Ellicott City got something more and better than "fast casual" places. Another hamburger place; another pizza place. Is this really worth getting exciting about?

Adam said...


Yea, have you seen that part of Rout 40? The Korean bakeries outnumber fast casual chains (and all I can think of is Qdoba, maybe Einstein's) by far.

Greg Stephen said...

Glad to see you're back. Hope all is well. I've enjoyed your suggestions over the years.

kam said...


I think we're not so much excited about hamburger places as we are a new HowChow entry. ;)


Dan said...

enough with the burgers! I await the great burger bust of 2017.

that "glory days grill" also on that side of 40, seems close to completion. anyone know anything about that?

Adam said...


It opened.


Anonymous said...

The return of HowChow is 10 times more exciting than another burger joint!

Anonymous said...


Mutiny is opening in "downtown" Ellicott City and if it's anything like the location in Glen Burnie, you'll be pleased with this option...

For sure if you have an affinity for rum too :)

brianscrazytalk said...
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brianscrazytalk said...

Was driving along Rt 40 East and noticed that Beef Brothers Deli and Pizza is opening in the end unit location in the center with Bon Appetite (behind the CVS). They appear to have a Baltimore City location that has quite a following, and there is a FB page for the new EC location. Anyone have any experience with them?

Scenemaker said...

Also pie five pizza is joining smashburger there.

Scenemaker said...
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Anonymous said...

Anyone know what's going in the new buildings in Maple Lawn?

Scenemaker said...

Regarding Maple Lawn, there has been no tenants named; however, the plans calls for restaurant and retail use. The one building on the corner will be a stand-alone restaurant. On the opposite side of Westside Blvd., the plans call for another retail building in the distant future.

dzoey said...

I tried Glory Days Grill, near to Soft Stuff, and really enjoyed it. The menu is not adventurous, but for the members of my family who are not adventurous, it hits all the right notes. I can take the whole family and not worry about picky eaters.

The food was better than I expected from yet another pub, especially the burgers / sliders and the crab cake. They have a screens all over the place, and a device at your table that provides audio from whichever screen you indicate.

It can get loud. I was there during the first Raven's game and it was pretty loud / high energy. Outside of big games the sound wasn't an issue for the noise sensitive people in my family.

Alex said...

I had smashburger in New York and it was amazing! But their fries are the best thing they have to offer! They are thinly cut and lightly dressed in olive oil and herbs. You have to try them!

Anonymous said...

I used to go to the Beef Brothers in the city when I worked downtown. Great food. Actually they had awesome salads that I would get. Ironic I know for a place called Beef Brothers. Everything I had there was good. Looking forward to them in Ellicott City.

Eric said...

Signs are up at the Smashburger and Pie 5 on Rt 40. Maybe next month?

Stanley S said...

At first I thought they where putting a Chipotle in that spot. Wish they would put one on 40. Qdoba is terrible

Dr.Jon said...

@Stanley - that was indeed the plan, but someone reneged. Now the leasing company has changed and no Chipotle to be found.

Eric said...

Went to Smashburger a 2nd time. Service was very poor. Staff doesn't seem to know what's on their own menu. Maybe still in the jitter stages? The first time we went everything was fine.

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