Saturday, March 21, 2015

Drink Up! It's Howard County Beer Week! And Where Do You Suggest For Happy Hour?

Howard County Beer Week with Lil' Chow
Just as I sat down at this computer, someone left the following comment:  "I'm guessing this is the end of HowChow."

Oh, no!  I'm down, but I'm not out.  Except when I'm out drinking beer in the daytime.

That's right.  Mrs. HowChow's at work today.  Lil' Chow and I hit Kloby's Smokehouse for a red rye pale ale and an extremely healthy lunch of grilled cheese and "nachos" made with waffle fries, cheese, beans, and pulled pork.  It is really a friendly place with pulled pork and housemade sauces that stand out.

Kloby's nachos -- fries, cheese, beans, pork
My friend The Weather Man joined us for Kloby's lunch with his daughter.  Weather Girl is a two-year-old star -- downing a mac-and-cheese sandwich and applesauce and being patient with a little boy still learning to share toys.

It has been really tough to write posts.  We're still figuring out how to handle work and the toddler.  But good food keeps coming in Howard County.  This week, you should be checking out beers.  Chris Mabe of TBonz Grille is running the 2015 beer week with events through next weekend that feature both brewers and restaurants.  These are great places from White Oak Tavern to Ale House Columbia, The Wine Bin to Victoria Gastro Pub.

Kloby's offered lots of $4 drafts yesterday.  I assume there are other specials.  Of course, I had to bring it back here to change a diaper and get a boy to nap.  So now I need help answering a question for Nick.  What happy hours do you recommend in Howard County?  Nick was looking for good deals or especially good food.  Please help him in the comments below.  My DC job and Lil' Chow mean that I can just recommend good beer joints like the ones above -- but not the specific happy hour winners.

Please keep the comments, tips and emails coming.  We're getting more space in our lives.  I am trying to knock of some posts during this nap, and there will be more HowChow!


Anonymous said...

Eggspectation on Montgomery Road. 3-7 seven days a week. Good prices and great apps.

Unterhopft said...

Some Worthwhile Howard County Happy Hours March 2015

Locally owned places:

The Ale House in Columbia (off Dobbin Rd.): M-F 3:30-7pm $4
Oliver Ale drafts (many excellent styles) & four good $6 apps. Other food and drink specials on certain days (reliable good menu choices, American cuisine)

White Oak Tavern (Enchanted Forest): M-F 4-7pm (all day Wed) $4 all 16oz drafts, 25% off large selection of apps (local, fresh, imaginative menu, changes seasonally)

Facci (Maple Lawn and Turf Valley): 3-6pm; $1 off limited selection of drafts, ½ price excellent apps. (worth it for the apps!) Some other drink specials during week (very good Italian, house made pasta)

La Pachanga (Rt. 40): M-F 4-7pm; ½ price house margaritas and limited draft beers (all sizes including pitcher), ½ price apps including guacamole, other food specials most days (good Mexican style)

Rams Head (Savage Mill): 3-7pm M-F; $3 Fordham and Dominion drafts, one free app (2 servings) 5-7pm (American)

Red Parrot Asian Bistro (Turf Valley); 3-7pm seven days a week!; $3 limited beer drafts, other drink specials; $3.50-6.50 Long list of good app specials including sushi (Asian fusion)


Macaroni Grill (Dobbin Rd.): 3-7pm seven days a week! Reduced beer (limited selection) and wine, reduced certain apps. (Italian style cuisine)

PF Chang’s (Columbia Mall): 3-6pm M-F; Reduced limited beer selection and other drinks (sake!), reduced apps (Asian

Season 52 (Columbia Mall); 4-6:30 M-F; $4 beer (four options), other drink specials including wine flights; $5 apps (you want these!) (American Fusion)

Maggiano’s (Columbia Mall); 3-7pm M-F; $3 limited beer selection; $4 flat breads. (Italian style cuisine)

Marcia said...

No happy hours to recommend but we had waffles at Snow Cafe on Frederick Rd at St. Johns Lane yesterday and they were delish. We've had sandwiches there but never waffles. I may have written you about them before. Such a delightful place but I worry how they will stay in business with all the traffic to spots on rt 40.

HowChow said...

@Marcia -- Oh, I should have gone for waffles this morning!! I'll add that to my list of weekend morning adventures.

Unterhopft said...

Two corrections to my above -

Macaroni Grill is 4-7pm and

PF Chang is 3-7pm

Christiana said...

Woah to that comment--being a new parent is hard! Especially when the new family member is a toddler! Best of luck to you and we'll all be here whenever you post during nap times or post bedtimes.