Wednesday, February 18, 2015

News Flashes! Quick Hits About Bonaparte, Gorman Farm, Caffe Benne, And Bon Fresco

I have been hearing news even though I haven't had time to pass it along.  So here is a quick roundup of comments and questions:
  • Does anyone know if the Bonaparte Bread in Savage has re-opened?  It closed in January, but Anonymous left a comment a week ago saying that the Savage location had re-opened, maybe under new ownership and management.  Who knows the details?  Who knows if I can buy bread there?
  • Is it true that Gorman Produce Farm in Laurel won't open a retail stand this summer?  Anonymous commented on an old post that Gorman will sell just to members of its CSA.  I can understand the move.  Farming seems hard enough.  Farming and running a store seems overwhelming.  But I loved stopped there for produce.  I hope they'll at least do pick-your-own strawberries.  I have a new farm hand for this spring!
  • Adam reported that the Caffe Benne bakeries has opened on Rte 40 in Ellicott City.  Has anyone been?  This is one of the string of Korean bakeries like Shilla and Bon Appetit.  I wrote a few months ago that Rte 40 is becoming Gangnam style literally -- that neighborhood has multiple bakeries on many blocks.  He also reports that the neighboring pizza shop turned out to be a Papa Murphey's Take and Bake.
  • Latest word in the new Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery is that it will open in April, reports Linh.  This is in the Lakeview Office Park.
Thanks for all the comments and emails.  I am trying to get back into posting.  We're just at deep sleep deficits here as Lil' Chow adapts to his new life.  Most days, there is no free time before I collapse.  But I hear that things get better.


Diane Lea said...

Things will get easier Howchow. Just hang in there. Many thanks for your posts. Been a fan of your blog for years:)
Congrats on your new addition!

Anonymous said...

The Gorman stand being closed to the public might be good news, if it means they are doing well enough to turn away customers. Or, they might just want to concentrate more on what they grow rather than shipping in produce from other farms to satisfy casual buyers. I'll just support the HoCo farmers markets a bit more so no big deal.

It looks like strawberries will still be open to the public but they will reserve some fields for CSA members.

Janet D said...

Gorman Farm is indeed switching to CSA only, on January 29 they sent out an email to past members with this link

I'm not sure how I feel about it because I really loved buying Baughers peaches from them.

bmorecupcake said...

People will also tell you, "It's easier with two kids." I don't know if they're playing a cruel joke on me or if it's really true.

Laura said...

It is indeed true about Gorman Farm. I've been a CSA member with them since they started. Email was sent out to members a month or so ago outlining the change. You can go to their website,, click on "The Farm" tab and then click on "Announcement" - everything is detailed there.
"Beginning this 2015 season, the farm will be open for CSA members only.
For the 2015 Season:
- The farm store will be closed.
- Items that were once available for purchase in the farm stand will no longer be available.
- Pick your own Strawberries, Pumpkin and Christmas Tree sales will be open to the general public. These openings will be announced along with days and hours."

They are taking new CSA members!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I stopped by Cafe Benne Tuesday morning - they were open in spite o fthe snow. Decent dark roast coffee, with pastries much like Shilla and Bon Appetit (which is right in the same set of buildings). I liked the chocolate croissant I got, but it’s hard to see what will disinguish it from the competition.

Biodanza East Coast USA said...

Just ate at Bonaparte Bread on Sunday and it was good!!!! Seem to be new people behind the counter. Place was packed!

bmorecupcake said...

From my limited conversations with Bon Appetit staff, it seems like they make everything in house, whereas if you read the ingredients labels at Shilla, some items seems very factory-ish.

Does anyone know if Cafe Benne is like Bon Appetit in this regard?

Geoberk said...

Bonaparte's is indeed open. Anette Blondel, the manager and face of the Savage Mill operation, is back in place.

bmorecupcake said...

We visited Bonaparte in Savage Mill. The same head baker as before is in place, so most items should be the same. To us, the croissants seemed even better than before. The "warehouse" and the Fells Point locations are still closed, so everything is made at Savage Mill again, just like the old days. Breads were sold out when we got there, so I can't confirm all the same breads are still being made. I hope the new owner can continue the operation for many more years to come.