Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Official: Main Street Appreciation Weekend

Main Street businesses are open even though CSX is still cleaning up coal from the train derailment in Ellicott City.

Most importantly, there are memorials for the two women killed -- including a scholarship fund in the memory of Elizabeth Nass that I mentioned in yesterday's post.

In addition, some folks have banded together to encourage you to head to downtown Ellicott City this weekend.  Mostly, we're emphasizing that restaurants and stores are open on Main Street.  But Tom Coale of the HoCo Rising blog has helped whip some extra fun by encouraging people to make a special trip to businesses that have endured a flood, a blackout and a train derailment in the past year.

Ray Rice made a pitch.  Now, there's a Facebook page where you join Tom's effort.   This is just a community effort, and it's just a nudge to go eat somewhere that you already enjoy.  These folks are hurting, and you can make a difference even while you're having fun.

Check out the comments to yesterday's post for people's suggestions about where and what to eat -- and for a description of how to drive into Main Street from Frederick Road and where to find parking. Wordbones points out that the stroll down from the public lots will offset the ice cream that you should buy at Scoop-Ah-Dee-Do.

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Baltimore Beer Guy said...

For those looking for good craft beers on this journey:

The Judges Bench -- 17 craft taps and dozens more bottles. Top of the hill.

Ellicott Mills Brewing -- HoCo's first brewery and to this date just its second. Local beer!

Phoenix Emporium -- rumored to have been super helpful to emergency personnel the last few days, business has suffered as much as anyone. Definitely worth a visit in appreciation. No taps, but 100+ really well chosen bottles.

Diamondback Tavern -- about six craft taps, always something good on

Portalli's -- they have Brewer's Art Resurrection cans to enjoy with a fine meal.