Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why the blog?

When I find came to Columbia, I couldn't find anything, and then I found that no one else could either.

The village centers are a cute idea, but it really matters that you can't see anything from the road. I knew where to find Target for a plastic trash can, but only luck led me to Produce Galore. I went looking for a seafood market on the Internet, and even after I found the address, I ended up lost in the Wilde Lake Village Center. Thank heavens because that was how I stumbled on Produce Galore across the parking lot.  (UPDATE:  Produce Galore closed.)

I read the WPost and Baltimore Magazine, and they're always commending a new restaurant in Rockville (finally, a specialist in Southern Ethiopian) or an organic grocery store in McLean (finally, a place that only sells vegetables grown with distilled water). I'm jealous because we don't have the exotic array of places that you can find near the cities. But we have great places, maybe just one of each. I want to find those places and enjoy them.

This blog is a game. I'll find good places and remind myself how much I enjoy them. And maybe someone will stumble across it when they move to Columbia and want to know what is nearby.