Sunday, December 20, 2015

Where Can I Get Local Beer In Cans? (Asks The Guy Who Can't Peruse Liquor Stores Anymore)

Cheers with a toddler
I will admit that was my two-year-old calling out "I want to go to the liquor store" on Main Street at lunchtime last Sunday.

I had promised Lil' Chow pizza.  I said we needed to stop at the liquor store before we circled back to River House Pizza Company, so he kept shouting "I want to go to the liquor store" as we waited for the Wine Bin to open.

Unfortunately, the Wine Bin is too high end to sell single beers so I ate my pizza with water.

I can't nose around liquor stores like I did in the old days.  Lil' Chow was on my shoulders in the Wine Bin, but I still thought he was going to sweep glass bottles off shelves onto the floor.  I understand.  It's boring shopping for him.

So where can I find some of the Howard County beers in cans to stock at home?

Manor Hill Brewing has started to sell cans, I saw in a tweet from MoCoBeer.  I know that I've seen Jailbreak Brewery options in different places.

But I get at most a handful of chances a month to stop at a liquor store, usually when it just happens to be next to somewhere else that I need to stop.  I've been buying Mrs. HowChow her favorite Hite because it's stocked at the liquor store next to the new H Mart in Ellicott City.  So I'd love to know if I should check out any specific store for the local brewery options.

(Update:  Looks like Manor Hill actually debuted canned beer on Friday.  For now, Allview Liquors in Ellicott City is the only place where you can grab your own.)


  1. Manor Hill debuted their cans at All view Liquors near LeeLyns this last Friday, but their two canned beers IPA & Grisette will be available from their distributor next week to other accounts albeit on a limited basis. Look to Jason's in Elliott City , Cindy's and Perfect Pour as likely sources when they "go wide". Jailbreak now offers all four of their year round beers in cans and can be found at any of those locations as well, but are well distributed throughout Howard. The Red Shedman beers produced in Mt Airy buy the same people as Linganore Wine are also available in can around the area. The best prices can often be found at Pine Orchard in Ellicott City, and several local cans are carried, but they aren't often kept the best and check production dates on cans/bottles to be sure. Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City has a large selection of singles, but I have also found that their single stock is not always freshest, so again check dates.

  2. Hate to be a cold fish on the subject, but there are high levels of BPA in beer cans.

  3. Perfect Pour is the source for the most comprehensive and most eclectic selection of beers in the area, especially canned beer. They are a little pricey, but their selection is hard to beat. They are in the shopping center on 108 and 175, near the Costco gas pumps. Total wine in Laurel is very good too, as is Pine Orchard Liquors on Rt 40 (as mentioned in the post above, Pine Orchard is a great store).

  4. Take a look at Market Tavern in Main Street, Sykesville. It's the Salazon Chocolate market moved down a spot and expanded. They have a beer fridge chock full of local bottles and cans to make your own six pack. It's not an enormous fridge, but it's definitely a quick and easy want to get some good local stuff. Plus you won't spend an hour browsing a huge store with a shopping cart. And they sell chocolate in there and Crunch Daddy popcorn. Free samples too. So take the kid!

  5. Try Total Wine on 198 in Laurel. Lots of Union options, DC Brau, Jailbreak, Brewers Art, Diamondback, OC Brewing, Heavy Seas, not sure if they have Red Shedman. If you haven't discovered it, here's a neat website for exploring local brewers who put beer in cans. Red Shedman also cans, but I can't remember if I've seen them at

    Kings Contrivance Liquor Store might have some as well, but Total Wine probably has more selection.

  6. Just announced today, Manor Hill Brewing will be open on Saturdays from 12-4 starting January 9th, selling cans and growers of their beer.

  7. I recently picked up some cans of rar IPA at Richburn Liquors (Long Reach). They have Union and Heavy Seas too. I like that place because I can pick up craft and macro all in the same trip and all refrigerated, unlike Perfect Pour.

  8. On BPA in beer cans, check this out:

  9. Update: just checked Richburn, they *do not* carry Heavy Seas cans, but they have DC Brau and Brewer's Art cans in the fridge and Jailbreak cans out on the floor.

    Also, uh... BPA in canned beer? Have some perspective. The dominating toxin in there is called alcohol. Cans are significantly better for the taste of the beer, which is especially important for local brews with poor quality control.

  10. Uh, BPA in canned beer. From

    Bottle for beer, you’re in the clear. If you do wind up having that pizza delivered, at least make sure that the six-pack you serve with it is BPA-free by choosing bottled beer over cans. It’s true that the majority of canned soda pop contains BPA, but beer poses even more of a risk, due to the high solubility of BPA in alcohol.

    For those of you who don't know about BPA, here's info from a respected medical website:

    Like most other commercially available cans, beer cans are lined with epoxy that contains bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that keeps foods from reacting to aluminum, but that has also become associated with a range of ailments, including cancer, reproductive trouble, and irregular brain development in kids. BPA is well established as an endocrine-disrupting chemical, meaning that it likely causes hormonal damage at extremely low levels.

    Best wishes for a healthy 2016!!

  11. Jailbreak announced this week that a limited amount of their Gold Medal winning Van Dammit belgian-style ale will be available in cans at the brewery this Friday evening.

    Here is a recent WP story on the beer:

  12. Anon, you just re-quoted the MotherJones article as a "respected medical website". Thanks, I doubt "irregular brain development in kids" is a concern. If there's any meat to your argument, link some actual research.

    Anyways, I just found Manor Hill IPA and Grisette cans at Richburn, awesome! I'm surprised to see them distribute so quickly.

  13. Kiran, Actually, I quoted from WedMD, as stated in my post.

    I'm not a medical researcher but there's plenty of info on-line. That said, as Woody Allen joked, we may someday find that smoking is good for us. Enjoy your cans!--Anon

  14. They have a beer fridge chock full of local bottles and cans to make your own six-pack. It's not an enormous fridge, but it's definitely a quick and easy want to get some good local stuff. Plus you won't spend an hour browsing a huge store with a shopping cart. اسعار الخيام في الامارات | خيم عزاء


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