Monday, December 28, 2015

Mai Dragon Brings A New Dim Sum Option Right Across The Line In Hanover

Dim sum at Mai Dragon in Hanover
New dim sum has come to the area and gotten a rave from friend of the blog Min.

Mai Dragon runs a pan-Asian menu in Hanover, and their website suggests that they do dim sum every day from lunchtime until 5 pm.  They roll trolleys through the restaurant on weekends and make it to-order during the week.

As far as I know, Asian Court in Ellicott City is the only dim sum option in Howard County.  We have often enjoyed it -- although leisurely brunches of exotic foods aren't exactly Lil' Chow's favorite activities.

So for now, I'll have to count on Min's review and try to plan a trip:
We caught up with the owners Meiling and her husband on Saturday and chatted for a while as I haven't seen them since she left Red Pearl. We also see some friendly faces in the waitstaff that we recognized from the original Asian Court.
Food is great! The aroma of dried shitake mushrooms in the siu-mais and shreds of dried scallops in the sticky rice chicken in lotus leaves (nuo-mi ji) are exciting indicators of decent dim sum. (Well, the surrounding Cantonese-speaking patrons is another.)  The multi-layered black sesame cake is a must-try. 
DH is very happy we finally have an establishment so good and so close to home that can be on par with the Philly dim sum scene.
Meiling said the dim sum chef studied under a very renowned chef in Hong Kong.  Also on chefs (Cantonese cousins) previously at other famous eateries in NoVA and Rockville. There will be a renovation coming  up soon. The restaurant will be able to host banquets up to about 26 tables afterwards.
Last but not least, just in case you're a fan of durian, the king of fruits, I asked for durian pastry (liu-lian su, melt-in-your-mouth durian wrapped in puff pastry sheets) and was told it'll be available next weekend.
Min wrote during my hiatus, so I assume the durian pastry is available now.  Mai Dragon is the name of the restaurant.  Some places on-line, it looks like there is a Mai Dim Sum with a different address.  It's all the same place -- just a dim sum menu on top of the regular Mai Dragon menu.

I am always open to Chinese recommendations in the area.  People like all different kinds of places.  We're partial to Grace Garden, which is even a little farther into Anne Arundel in Odenton.  A nondescript decor, but amazing food.  Does anyone have new finds -- restaurants or dishes -- to recommend around the area?

Mai Dragon
2649A Annapolis Road
Hanover, MD 21076
Phone: (410) 551-9498

NEAR:  This is on Rte 175 just east of the BW Parkway.  So it's just over the line in Anne Arundel County, but close enough for us to try to annex.


  1. EXCELLENT NEWS!!! This area has _long_ needed more dim sum restaurants!!

  2. i haven't tried this dim sum place, must try now.

    we've been to chopstix gourmet in Rosedale, it's in an industrial warehouse area. very random. it's alright.

  3. Folks who remember Jade Palace at the Columbia Mall, take note: Meiling and her husband ran Jade Palace at the Mall until it closed. My sister and I went for lunch during the week. YES!! Weekday dim sum! And it was really good. Worth the trip and will be going for the weekend carts soon.

  4. I went about two weeks ago. Their dim sum is indeed really really good. Thanks for letting us know.

  5. Went there today for the first time. We had previously been to Red Pearl and Asian Court. We stopped going to Asian Court when the service went from bad to deliberately offensive. Never been to the one in Odenton. Mai Dragon was crowded at lunch time and appeared to have many Chinese families, which we took as a good sign. The food was great, much better than Asian Court or Red Pearl. Service was a little random and pokey, as dim sum places tend to be, but again better than Red Pearl was and much better than Asian Court. I definitely recommend it.

  6. I come here frequently with my parents and have even brought co-workers here for lunch. Never a bad or just okay experience. It's always a good time.

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