Sunday, March 3, 2013

Growlers -- And The Wine Bars That Want Them

New liquor laws last year have let Howard County bars and liquor stores sell growlers of beer.

These are giant bottles that folks fill from taps.  It can be a way to try an unusual beer and to get a volume discount .

Now, the wine folks want in on the act.  Arthur Hirsch has a story in the Sun about the effort by Aida Bistro's owner to legalize a similar "fill at the tap" system for wine.  They're rhyming "gowlier" with sommelier, and they have support of the Howard County legislators to change in the law in this year's session.

Several of my friends have enjoyed growlers from i.m. Wine in Fulton.  I know that the Wine Bin and Victoria Gastro Pub have offered growlers, and Hirsch's story says three other folks have licenses.  Have you tried it yet?  What did you get?  What did you think?


TerpFan said...

They have growlers at The Alehouse in Columbia. I have tried the Sweet Baby Jesus. Very tasty, they only maintain the carbonation for a few days though. But other than that, it is a great way to get a few pints to go.

jaehastings said...

I've been filling my growler at The Wine Bin in Ellicott City. They do an awesome job of rotating the kegs regularly and the atmosphere for both wine and beer is great!

The selections are great and esoteric...definitely not run of the mill. The best fill so far was Firestone's Wookey Jack, Black Rye IPA.

AliceBlue said...

I've gotten growlers from the Alehouse. I'm not a big drinker so it's a challenge for me to finish it all before it goes flat, but totally worth the effort. (I feel like I should add a wink here, but I'm actually serious.) I do appreciate the access to great, local beer at home. I get the Bishop's Breakfast which is amazing mixed with Fox Barrel Pear & Blackberry cider. (Their idea.)

kevlar51 said...

Does Victoria still have growlers? I don't remember seeing refill prices on the menu last time I was there.

I stopped filling it anyway though. It took way too long and something was wrong with the process (or my growler) and the beer would be flat when I opened it up. And in the end, I didn't see the point of paying 10% off bar prices to drink the beer at home.

I'm not sure what DuClaw's prices are like now, but back when I used to frequent, I could get twice the beer for a much better price--though obviously it's DuClaw-only beer vs. Victoria's wide selection.

Mike said...

Lyndwood Square* liquor store has growlers, seems to be primarily Wild Goose and then a rotating cast of others. Haven't tried it yet, so not sure of pricing.

(*shopping center near Timbers at Troy/Giant/El Hidalgo)


Jen said...

T-Bonz also has growlers and large selection.

Anonymous said...

You can get them at I.M Wine and I was told they are also getting stainless steel growlers (good for taking to a park, etc.)